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We are a modern logistics centre. We provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce logistics as well as distribution support. We are constantly developing our services for you.
We give you control over your shipments

Logistics services - supporting your e-commerce from A to Z


What do we do?

We provide logistics services for e-commerce in the fulfilment model (storage, packaging, shipping, handling returns and complaints) and cross-docking. We also offer dropshipping and omnichannel distribution support.


Who are we helping?

We direct our services to all e-commerce businesses, regardless of size. We especially care about small and medium-sized companies, because we want to give them an equal chance to compete and support their development through access to logistics previously reserved only for e-commerce giants.


Why us?

By entrusting logistics to us, you will save a lot of time and money for the development of your e-commerce. You will also gain access to new distribution channels, and thus the chance to increase sales.

Novazone in a nutshell

Specific solutions

We turn your needs into specific solutions from the start. With us, you get everything you need to grow your e-commerce business.
  • Stable partner

    We are a stable and responsible business partner, on the market for over 30 years. Our team consists of experts in e-commerce.

  • 360° Logistics

    We provide comprehensive logistics solutions for small, medium and large companies in a variety of industries.

  • Sales support

    We support the development of online shops by making their products available in B2B/B2C distribution channels.

  • Professional infrastructure

    We have a modern, Class A warehouse that meets standards for the most demanding products and is conveniently located for international shipments.

  • Innovation

    We operate on the best WMS SAP system, which we can integrate with any e-commerce. In addition, we provide a view into the warehouse through a convenient Warehouse Manager application.

  • B2B

    We provide services for companies, especially those from e-commerce sector. We know their needs perfectly well and that is why our offer is a perfect answer to them.

Fulfillment – opinions

Who trusts us?

We provide benefits. We know these are just words. In our case, they are reflected in the recommendations of our clients. See who trusts us.

Thanks to the collaboration between Trzy Zorze manufacturers and Novazone, I have access to as much stock as I need, whenever I need it and without freezing my money! And on top of that, all orders from my shop are packaged according to guidelines in the spirit of zero waste.

Karolina Grochowska

Trzy Zorze

We needed a place to store non-standard goods. Novazone came to our aid by providing a professional service and individual approach to our needs. We found everything we were looking for.

Michał Drozdowski

Franklin Products

Since working with Novazone, I have more time to develop my e-shop. I no longer have to deal with packaging orders, handling returns or lengthy negotiations with goods suppliers.

Dr Elżbieta Senkara


To increase sales of Holland & Barrett products on the Polish market and have access to professional logistics services - that was our goal. Looking for effective solutions we came across Novazone. Thanks to the established cooperation our supplements are available in various places on the web and visible for B2B/B2C clients. And all this without any major investment!

Wiktor Sopel


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