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Fulfillment - additional services

Fulfillment is not only storing and shipping orders. It is also a whole package of additional services. Check what else we offer you.


If your goods do not have barcodes, we will prepare and stick the labels containing such marking on them. The barcode system allows us to automate the handling of orders, as we can quickly check the availability and location of a given commodity using our warehouse system

Quality control

At your request, we will check the goods upon their entry into the warehouse. All you have to do is tell us what elements need to be checked and we will do it. We can, for example, check the completeness of the goods and their labelling or compliance with the manufacturer's description


Once a year, we carry out a stock inventory, included in the logistics service price. However, at any time you can ask us to carry out an additional inventory of your products. You will have to pay for this service.

Online inventories

By using our logistics services you will gain access to the Warehouse Manager Application. Thanks to it you will be able to quickly and easily check the inventory and the status of goods receipt and release. The application gives you also many other possibilities related to the realization of orders or settlements