What is Fulfillment?

Fulfilment is the No. 1 logistics service on the market - handling your e-commerce orders has never been easier!

What does this mean in practice?

Fulfilment step by step

Theory is theory, but the most important thing is how it works in practice. In the fulfilment option, we take care of your order from A to Z - from storage to handling returns and complaints.


Preparation of orders

Order dispatch

Handling returns and complaints

Product sharing

Additional options

Profits for you

Everything that makes fulfilment work for you

Warehouse Manager App

Get to know our Warehouse Manager App

We will give you access to the Warehouse Manager Application, which will make your warehouse and order management fast and convenient. Check what benefits the application gives you.

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Fulfillment - how to get started?

We start by turning your questions into specific answers. See how our cooperation will look step by step.

  • 1

    Signature of the agreement

  • 2

    Signature of the agreement

  • 3

    Transfer of your goods to the warehouse

  • 4

    Making goods available on B2B/B2C platforms

  • 5

    Sale of goods