What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an online sales model ideal for your e-commerce. It consists in the fact that you list any products you want, using our offer and those of our partners. Everything is automated and simple.

3 steps to higher sales - without risk or investment

Dropshipping step by step

Only three steps separate you from higher sales, dynamic business growth and solutions previously reserved for e-commerce giants. Check out the details and start powerful trading.

Step 1.

You are already working with us in the fulfilment model

You already have a fulfilment contract with us and your e-commerce system is integrated with Novazone's warehouse system. This opens up the possibility of working with us in the dropshipping model.

Step 2

You are willing to start dropshipping cooperation

To start dropshipping with us, simply let us know. Shortly after receiving such a message, we will start the dropshipping service for you.

Step 3

Sell more, faster

You gain access to thousands of our partners' products in a short time and without investment. Thanks to an attractive offer you increase sales and reach more customers. Thus, you will increase revenues, dynamically develop your company and benefit from solutions so far reserved for e-gigants.

Step 4

What about settlement?

You do not incur any costs. You only pay us when you sell the products on display to your customers!


Dropshipping full of benefits

What does this mean in practice?

We open the door for you to the international market and big brand manufacturers. You will enrich your offer immediately, meet the needs of existing and new customers, and thus start selling more and faster. In addition, we will take over all tasks from you and your only responsibility will be to upload images and effectively promote products in your online shop or marketplace account.

Easy access to thousands of products

Increase the attractiveness of your e-commerce offer

Risk-free sales with no investment on start

Guarantee of attractive margins

High standard of order processing without your involvement

Increase your customer's satisfaction

Reduce your involvement in order processing to a minimum

Saving time

Saving money

Development of your business

How it works?

Dropshipping – How does this look in practice?

We start by turning your questions into concrete answers. See how our cooperation will look step by step.



By already cooperating with us in the fulfilment model, you hand over the decision to cooperate in dropshipping to us and we will immediately launch this service for your e-commerce. Quickly and without additional contracts.

Fulfillment dla branży meblarskiej

Access to goods

You receive images and descriptions of the products available on our platform. Add products to your e-commerce site.


Promotion of goods

All you need to do is ensure effective promotion. So that customers see the products in your new offer. We will do the rest for you.


Dispatch of goods and billing

We pack the sold goods and send them to your customers at home or abroad. Now you can settle with us for the sold goods.