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Warehouse Manager Application - advantages

We will give you access to the Warehouse Manager Application, which will make your warehouse and order management fast and convenient. Check what benefits the application gives you.

24h/7d access to the warehouse

The application allows you to check the current stock, order the receipt of goods in stock or release a specific quantity. All this and much more at any time and from any place

Management of doubtful goods

The application makes it possible to take goods which were questionable on delivery to a so-called quarantine warehouse. From there, it can be moved back to the main warehouse, sent back to the supplier or claimed.

Convenient claims process

The application enables efficient complaints management. Goods to be claimed, which e.g. have been returned due to the service provider's fault or have not been dispatched on time, can be accepted to the so-called claim warehouse.

Fast delivery and acceptance of goods

The application allows you to easily and quickly order the receipt or release of goods, as well as to add products, edit product data and manage warehouse reports and invoices